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We're a Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beaches/Naples/Fort Myers enthusiasts group, dedicated to the wonderful sounds of the grand movie palaces of the 1920s & 1930s, and the Wurlitzer Theater pipe organs that were installed everywhere in the US for that 20 year period.

Many of the grand movie palaces fell, but there are dozens still standing in lovely restored condition, throughout the US. Our love is to see and hear these great preservations, and to spread the news that things old can be new again.

About Us
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Welcome to our new, revived and reinvigorated SOUTH FLORIDA THEATRE ORGAN SOCIETY!

We are glad to have you as friends and partners, old and new, joining together for an exciting new time of learning, enjoying, and discovering the joys of a wonderful piece of Americana... the theater pip organ. It will be part of our SFTOS story to get to know more about the grand and wonderful era of the movie palaces and theaters that brought these theater organs into existence. WurliTzer, along with other organ builders of the time, created several thousand of these extraordinary instruments in the great movie palace boom years of 1915-1932. And, fortunately, preservationists, with great effort, did manage to save several hundred of these theater organs, and also dozens of spectacular theater building, from the march of modern redevelopment, in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

Here, close to home, we are so fortunate to have highly committed enthusiasts, Pam and Joel Jancko, who have created a really grand and beautiful Music Room in their private "Our Backyard Museum", as home to their own lovingly restored 1927 WurliTzer organ, Opus 1616.

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Newsletter of South Florida Theatre Organ Society

SFTOS is a Chapter of

the American Theatre Organ Society, our national group of several thousand Theater Organ Enthusiasts.

Member fees for SFTOS are $75 a year,

& you'll have unique opportunities to learn more, and enjoy more of the unique sound and experience of theater organs & classic theaters, too!

We'll be looking for upcoming young talents to carry the old technology to the new, and the new styles of playing to the old. Join, meet, play the organs , socialize, learn, educate, and preserve a great era of sound and the history of the grand movie palaces!

Our Backyard Museum

Check the American Theatre Organ Society's website for more information: 

The Mighty WurliTzer OPUS 1616

Backyard Museum
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